One Currency. One People. One Solution.

Join the revolution of the future with Majestic Coin,
digital currency backed by physical assets.


Multi-Layered Blockchain

The Majestic Star Chain is a unique blockchain that has multiple layers for advanced IT implementation. Our Layer one allows for transactions across our blockchain at warp speed. Our layer two solution enables users and developers to build dapps on top of our blockchain. This includes DEXs, Wallets, Yield Farms, NFTs, Coins and even Blockchains. Our Layer three Solution enables us to connect to the Metaverse.

Majestic Paper

In the Media


“Majestic coin is a remarkable cryptocoin backed by physical assets with the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world, it is the future for Africa and stands to end the bureaucratic banking system.”

Foreign Investment Network


“Mr. Solomon is a genius, Majestic Coin is pure genius.”

Hinduja Group

Hinduja Group

Mr. Prakash

“Majestic Coin Harps on African Renaissance.”


We're now operating on New Servers! NFT Platform launching!