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digital currency backed by physical assets.

Asset Backed Majestic Coin

Majestic Coin is simply... majestic - it's the future. The Majestic Coin will stand the test of time, as it's backed by physical assets that transcends all of fiat history. We're aiming to be the transcation currency in certain countries and we have the network and partnerships to do so. We're not a speculative coin for investing, but rather a true currency to transact freely from banking oversight anywhere and anytime.

Majestic Paper

2021-2022 Accomplishments

November 2021

    • Keynote FIN Africa-UAE Trade & Investment Forum
    • Forbes Best of Africa Top crypto innovator award presented at the Burj Al Arab Dubai
    • Keynote Africa Cashless Payment System Conference
    •  Cashless Africa Best digital currency of the year

February 2022

    • Keynote, Majestic Coin – 4th Blockchain Dubai Int‘l Summit, Awards & Exhibition
    • Vertex best blockchain of the year award and top entrepreneur of the year award.

April 2022

    • Launch of Majestic Heads Podcast, a platform to deliver Majestic Coin updates as well as educate the listeners on all things blockchain related in Africa.
    • Featured in 2 separate editions of Forbes magazine

June 2022

    •  Majestic Coin featured in the Summer 2022 Edition of the FIN (Foreign Investment Network) Magazine.

July 2022

    • Majestic Coin launched Pilot program with the government of Zambia to educate and real life deployment of Majestic Starchain

August 2022

    •  Majestic Coin founder Solomon Mwamba announced to be one of the key speakers at UN General Assembly in NYC regarding Blockchain within the UN

September 2022

    • Founder Solomon Mwamba speaks at the UN General Assembly regarding the impact of blockchain in Africa and the needs

November 2022

    • The Blockchain Summit – Lusaka, Zambia
    • Solomon Mwamba, Blockchain Man of the year award at the Blockchain Summit
    • Solomon Mwamba, Inaugurated as a Titan of Africa in Dubai for top influential Africans of the century
    • Majestic Starchain adopted officially into the United Towns Agency for all UN projects in Africa.

December 2022

  • Global Partnerships formed
  • Partnership formed with EST Group to start working on asset backed bonds
  • Partnership announced with Ezipay Global to integrate Majestic Coin into its payment ecosystem

2023 Roadmap

  • Q1

    Series 2 Funding for Blockchain Expansion into North America and Africa.

  • Decentralized application development with our partners and testing for our new partnerships

  • API Development and integration for payment gateway and testing

  • Q2

    Payment gateway integration for remittances globally with partners

  • Introduction of Umoja on Majestic Starchain, our first global project developed on our native blockchain.

  • Launch of NFT Collectors Club, the NFT platform built on Majestic Starchain

  • Q3

    Majestic Coin Burn Initiated

  • United Nations presentation scheduled for use case of Majestic Starchain for government use

  • Q4

    Official build out and release of the global Majestic Data Center

We're now operating on New Servers! NFT Platform launching!