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Join the revolution of the future with Majestic Coin,
digital currency backed by physical assets.

Asset Backed Majestic Coin

Majestic Coin is simply... majestic - it's the future. The Majestic Coin will stand the test of time, as it's backed by physical assets that transcends all of fiat history. We're aiming to be the transcation currency in certain countries and we have the network and partnerships to do so. We're not a speculative coin for investing, but rather a true currency to transact freely from banking oversight anywhere and anytime.

Majestic Paper


  • Sep 2021

    ICO Private Pre-Sale

  • September 2021

    iHeart Radio Interview

  • October 2021

    USA Crowdfunding

  • November 2021

    Majestic Coin Conference – Dubai World Expo

  • November 2021

    Africa Cashless Payment Conference

  • November 2021

    Majestic Coin Public Pre-Sale

  • February 2022

    Majestic Wallet Release on iOS and Android

  • February 2022

    Majestic Stable Coin (MJX) Unveiling

  • February 2022

    Majestic Swap Exchange

  • February 2022

    Proof of Stake Rollout

  • February 2022

    Majestic Star Chain Unveiling

  • February 2022

    Blockchain Dubai – International Summit

  • February 2022

    Strategic Partnership Agreement

  • March 2022

    Majestic Coin AirDrop – First 10,000 Wallet Downloads

  • March 2022

    Majestic Coin and Banking Partnership Agreement

  • April 2022

    Public Listing Expansions

  • April 2022

    Public Listing in Turkey Exchange

  • May 2022

    Majestic Coin Burn

  • June 2022

    Visa Debit Card Rollout

  • August 2022

    New Audit for Assets

  • September 2022

    Asset Infusion Behind Coin

  • November 2022

    MasterCard Rollout

  • December 2022

    Yield Farming Rollout

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