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Join the revolution of the future with Majestic Coin,
digital currency backed by physical assets.

Asset Backed Majestic Coin

Majestic Coin is simply... majestic - it's the future. The Majestic Coin will stand the test of time, as it's backed by physical assets that transcends all of fiat history. We're aiming to be the transcation currency in certain countries and we have the network and partnerships to do so. We're not a speculative coin for investing, but rather a true currency to transact freely from banking oversight anywhere and anytime.

Majestic Paper
End of Year 2022


  • Jun - Sept 2022

    Pilot Program Launch – Zambia

  • Oct 2022

    Unveiling of new market places that will Majestic Coin Payment gateway established for Wallet and Exchange.

  • Titans of Africa Inauguration Dubai

  • Nov 2022

    Grand Market Day – Zambia

  • Blockchain Summit – Zambia

  • NFT Collectors Club Market Place Unveiling

  • Publishing of Majestic Asset Attestation

  • Dec 2022

    NFT Collectors Club goes live to public

Majestic Heads Podcasts Launched!