Majestic Heads

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 10

This week Solomon welcomes Maurice Ng. Maurice is a crypto expert who runs an investment fund in Hong Kong for blockchain related projects. The two of them discuss why the world is turning its attention to the African markets and the future outlook of Majestic Coin

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 9

In this podcast Solomon Mwamba welcomes back Elias Chipimo. They discuss blockchain application and the future of Africa. Grab a biscuit, a cup of tea and enjoy this podcast.

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 8

This Episode Solomon Mwamba follows up with Yaliwe Solo to discuss how the pilot project is running in Zambia, what are future outlooks and an upcoming Blockchain Summit.

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 7

This weeks podcast features Elias Chipimo. Solomon and Elias talk politics and the advantages of blockchain in developing countries. By profession Elias is a lawyer, international speaker and former runner up to the office of the presidency in Zambia.

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 6

This weeks podcast features one of the top nominated women in blockchain, Yaliwe Soko. Solomon and Yaliwe discuss the recent happening with Majestic Coin in Zambia. Enjoy the podcast.

Majestic Heads Podcast Episode 5

In our latest episode of Majestic Heads, we invite our first guest on our podcast, Akin Fayomi. Mr. Fayomi is the Vice President of Commodities Technology at Citi in United Kingdom. Tune in as Mr. Fayomi and Solomon Mwamba discuss the future of banking and cryptocurrency!

Majestic Heads Episode 004

This weeks podcast covers the most recent world events and its impact on the crypto world and Majestic Coin. The theme of this podcast is “the power of a unified currency”.

Majestic Heads Episode 002

This weeks topic covered the challenges of blockchain implementation in underdeveloped countries. Our guest host was the always chill Charissa. She’s the assistant director of the Royal House Foundation and shared some of the things they are doing in partnership with Majestic Coin to further the impact of blockchain. Enjoy this episode.

Majestic Heads Episode 001

Majestic Head Podcast is created to dive deep into the Majestic Coin Eco System and all things crypto. This episode covers the recent updates with the Majestic Coin team…

4/27 - Blockchain Updates being Integrated. Wallet fully functional. Some blockchain transactions delayed during upgrade. Upgrades to the Blockchain estimated completion 5/30/23