In this episode Solomon interviews Eya Essif. They discuss a new Africa and there is an exciting announcement and new development towards the end of the podcast that will help take Majestic Coin to the next level.

She hails from Tunsia. Fluent in German , Arabic, French, and English. She holds an MBA and degrees in Business administration and Law and Economic Science. She was voted the top 5 most powerful Arab woman in the world, she received the G8 woman of achievement recognized by the 8 most powerful presidents in the world in 2013. In 2014 you were with best success story in the world in Russia.  Afterwards she received an award from King Abdullah of Jordan most distinguished woman in the Middle East. She is the founder of Eco- Bois. In 2016 your were appointed as the general secretary of the UTA which is one of the oldest Ecosoc of the United Nations. She currently presides over more than 118 countries as the sole representative and advocate inside the United Nations for those countries. She is a special consultant of the UN economic and social consul. She hold board seat on the IMF and the African Union.

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