RPC is short for Remote Procedure Call, allowing computer servers to allow users to read data on the blockchain and send transaction to different networks. If you do not want to manage your MJT coins on the Majestic Wallet, you can use RPC with Metamask to create and manage your MJT.

First download Metamask. Then on the upper right, click the networks button to drop down the network selection.

Click Add Network

On this page click “Add a network manually” on the bottom of the page.

Fill out the information as seen here.

Click Save.

Congratulations. You’ve successfully added MJT to your Metamask.

You can now send and receive MJT or MJX Tokens. To enable MJX Stablecoin you must click Import Tokens.

Enter the following information .

Token Contract Address:

Token Symbol:

Click Add Custom Token

Please note that Metamask is compatible with only certain blockchains when it comes to pricing, so the actual most recent value of MJT or MJX will not be reflected when viewed from Metamask. If you are interested in seeing your current portfolio value, please import your wallet to the Majestic Wallet App on iOS or Android.

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