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In a major move to revolutionize cross-border payments, Majestic Chain Technologies has announced a partnership with Ezi Pay Global, one of the world’s leading remittance companies.

The two powerhouses met in Accra Ghana, on Wednesday, 3rd of May, to solidify their efforts after the enstoolment of King Solomon Mwamba Wa Ngoy in the Bono East Region. The partnership will see the use of Majestic stable coin as a form of remittance payment in 100 countries, including several in Africa where traditional cross-border payments have been known to be difficult.

The newly installed King Solomon Mwamba Wa Ngoy , the CEO of Majestic Chain Technologies, said the partnership with Ezi Pay Global will bring a number of benefits to both companies and customers. The use of the Majestic stable coin as a form of remittance payment will significantly reduce the cost and time of cross-border transactions, making it more affordable and efficient for customers. It will also provide an added layer of security and transparency, as the stable coin is asset-backed and can be easily tracked on the blockchain.

In addition to the remittance partnership, Majestic Chain Technologies also plans to launch a crypto lottery that will allow the underprivileged to win life-changing money. The lottery will be sold as an NFT and anyone who purchases a ticket will be able to redeem their ticket in 60 days if they do not win.

The future of the Majestic stable coin looks bright with these new ventures, as they are expected to drive adoption and increase its use. The partnership with Ezi Pay Global is just the beginning, as Majestic Chain Technologies plans to expand its reach to other countries and industries in the future.

Ezi Pay Global CEO said “We are thrilled to be partnering with Majestic Chain Technologies on these innovative projects. We believe that the use of stable coin for remittances and the crypto lottery will bring significant benefits to our customers, and help us to achieve our goal of providing fast, secure and affordable cross-border payments. We look forward to working closely with the Majestic team to make this happen.”

These new ventures are expected to have a significant impact on the remittance industry in Africa and beyond, as they provide a more efficient, secure and cost-effective way for people to send money across borders. The partnership between Majestic Chain Technologies and Ezi Pay Global is a testament to the growing adoption and use cases of stable coins in the financial industry.”

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